1. Ensure all transactions are complete.

Once the tickets sale end date has come and gone, make sure you have finished sales and there are no outstanding refunds or tickets that need to be voided before requesting that we “Draw Winners”.

2. Click on "Manage Draws" in your Dashboard

3. Click “Request Draw” for the prize ticket you want to perform a draw for.

If the “Request Draw” button is not active (coloured orange) that signifies that the system is not ready to draw just yet. It could mean we are finalizing the last few transactions in our system. The system requires at least 15 minutes from the ticket sale end date to process the final transactions and be prepared for you to complete the draw.

4. Make sure your winner is eligible and Post Results to your raffle page

We don't automatically publish the draw results to your page. There are a few reasons for this -- such as if you were to need to perform a redraw due to an ineligible winner or if you were announcing the winner at an event and don't want the winner displayed until after the announcement. But once you're ready to show the winners on the raffle webpage, click "Post Winners" and ticket purchasers will be able to find the results under the "Winners!" tab that has newly appeared.