There are two specific distinctions when determining Raffle Rules in Saskatchewan which are:

BASIC TICKET DRAWS - Raffles using Basic Tickets are only allowed at events in which the draw will be conducted during the day of the event and at a single venue. Applications for raffle schemes proposing to use basic tickets should be made well in advance of the event, in order for SLGA to give appropriate consideration.

For basic ticket draws, the following rules of play must be readily available:

  1. The date(s) and time(s) of the draw(s).
  2. The purchase price of the ticket and, if applicable, the percentage of ticket sales to be awarded as a prize.
  3. The method by which the draw(s) will be announced, and the location of the announcement.
  4. The method by which the prize will be paid.
  5. All unclaimed prizes must be distributed in accordance with Section 13(d) of these Terms and Conditions.
  6. A contact name and telephone number in the event of a complaint or dispute.

REGULAR TICKET DRAWS - Raffle tickets and/or sales systems for regular ticket draws must be designed to collect basic customer information at the time of sale in order that winners may be contacted.An example of basic customer information is a customer’s phone number. Additional customer information can be obtained at the discretion of the charity.

For regular ticket draws, the following rules of play must be readily available to Ticket purchasers:

  1. Any age limit for the purchase of Tickets or winning of prizes;
  2. If members of the organization, immediate family, or persons involved in the conduct and management of the Raffle will be allowed to purchase Tickets;
  3. Any restrictions to winning a prize are explained (e.g. when trips must be taken);
  4. The exact location of the Draws;
  5. An explanation of the procedures for unclaimed prizes (if different than Section 13(d) of these Terms and Conditions and approved by SLGA);
  6. The method by which the Draws will be conducted;
  7. Order in which prizes will be awarded and, if approved by SLGA, whether prizewinning Tickets will not be returned to the Draw to be eligible for other prizes;
  8. Cash alternatives for any of the prizes offered;
  9. Condition of prizes being offered (e.g. new, used, etc.); and
  10. For sports lotteries, an alternate method of awarding prizes if the winning Ticket is not sold.

More information can be found at where you can download the Raffle Terms and Conditions PDF near the bottom of the page as shown below.