To start go to and click on Apply Online.

Type in the name of your Organization and Click Search.

If more than one result appears for your search, select the applicable record.
If your organization does not appear in this list, refine your search or click 
New Applicant.

Complete your organization name, address, details and programs/services or purpose.

Enter the address information and click Add.

Fill in the following Organization Details.

Select the applicable Program/Service or Purpose from the drop down or enter an Other Description and click Add. Then click Next.

Tick off Licence and click Next.

Tick off Class A and click Next.

Select how you will provide Constitution and Bylaws documents.

Complete the Annual General Meeting Details.

Select how Organization Revenue and Expenses will be Submitted.

Indicate if the proceeds will be used for a Major Capital Project.

Provide Gaming Account information and click Next.

Tick off Ticket Raffle and click Next.

Tick off the Raffle Type.

Tick off Yes at the top then click on the Form - Addendum to Application - Licensed Gaming Online [PDF] to open and save a copy, complete and submit once the online application is complete. Click Next.

Enter ticket raffle information (percentage payout shown)

Enter ticket prices and click Add.

Enter Draw Information and then click Next.

Fill out the use of proceeds and click Next.

Complete the Officers Responsible section and click Add for each person.

Complete Delivery Method then click Next.

Read and agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box then click Next.