Competitive Sales is an optional feature that can be turned on. Here are a few features:

  • Track sales of individuals or teams towards your raffle
  • A unique link for sellers that can be shared to ticket purchasers so that sales count towards the seller's tally
  • Leaderboard that can be turned on or off, which displays the standings of sellers and how much they have sold

By default, Competitive Sales is turned off. If you'd like to turn Competitive Sales on, follow the steps below.


2. Click ENABLE under Competitive Sales Settings

3. Add a competitor by clicking ADD COMPETITOR and fill in competitor details

Optional: Toggle on the Leaderboard

The leaderboard shows standings of competitors as well as their total sales to date. Leave the toggle off if you'd prefer not to display the leaderboard on your raffle webpage. 

Next Step: Add Licence Number and Finalize Your Raffle