Now that you've completed the setup of your raffle in our system, its time to apply to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) to get your license!

Their application is an online process and can be found at:

First you're going to have to log in, or register if its your first time here! Click on Sign In / Register

Go ahead and log in, or click on Register if its your first time here.

Complete the form by entering your name, email, and choosing a password!

Now the “Sign In/ Register” button at the top has changed to “Dashboard”, click on it and go to ‘My Dashboard” in the dropdown menu.

From your Dashboard click on Apply now to begin a new application.

Select Raffle Application from the available selections.

Part 1: Select $2,500 or less from the available options! From the list select the category that best describes the purpose of your organization and then click Next at the bottom of the page.

Part 1.1: Fill in organization information or select your organization from the drop down if a returning customer, upload any supporting documents if there has been any changes to your organization and then click Next at the bottom.

Part 2: Fill in the two fields and click next

Part 3: Fill in the raffle contact information and click next

Part 4: Fill in the required fields and click Next.

Part 5: Fill in your ticket tier prices like you did in our raffle setup! To add additional tiers just click the add button. Important note: Enter in the total number of tickets available under the single ticket tier, for the remaining tiers enter in 1 (As shown below)

Part 6: Fill in the raffle prize information and draw info and click next

Part 7: Agree to the Banking Information and click next

Application Summary: Review information to ensure everything is correct and then hit next

Application Consent: Type your full name, check the box and hit next

And that’s it! You’re done!