Ahhhh yeah...we're ready to go! The hard yards are done, the details are all worked out and it’s time to launch your raffle to your die-hard fans and ambassadors!

Just remember, once your raffle is launched, it’s not that easy to change it, so make sure you’ve got all your details correct before you move ahead.

1. Make sure you're ready! 

Changes to your raffle setup after this point are not possible (design and look can still be customized after raffles are launched). 


3. Click LET'S DO THIS

Congratulations! You've officially launched your raffle!

It’s now a public page that’s ready to be discovered, ravaged by ticket buyers and shared with the world! 

It’s time to let your best fans, staff, website visitors, email supporters, social media followers and anyone else who would love to support your cause do just that. Let them know your raffle is live by getting the link to the raffle and sharing it.

To explore how best to do that, we've prepared a couple great articles to direct you:

  • Where to find your Raffle Links - Explore the different ways to navigate to your raffle and organization page to find your raffle.
  • Sharing your Raffle - Explore the different ways of sharing your raffle URL to help promote your raffle and make it crazy successful!

Now, these are just the basics, but if you start with these approaches, you'll discover that your raffle will have a greater chance to succeed!

If you are interested in getting some help from us or more insight, we are here for you!. We have experience in social media marketing and social media advertising. We’d be glad to talk further about that!