In order to submit your raffle for approval, you'll need to add at least one more organizer to your organization. 

1. From your organizations dashboard, click on "Manage People"

2. Click on "Add Team Member"

3. Fill out the form that opens and click "Generate Invite"

You'll need to add your team member's First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and choose the Role you wish to give them (see "Roles" below for more information on that). 

You'll notice that your team member gets added to your page -- but you're not done quite yet!

4. Click on "Share Link" and email the link to your new team member

When your team member accepts the invite, they will be asked to create their own email username and password to gain access to this account and will be given access to different aspects of the organization account depending on the role assigned to them.

Next Step: Rules and Regulations