Do I have to outline my refund policy?

Some provincial regulators require you to outline your refund policy in your Raffle Rules but in other provinces, like Manitoba, this is not a requirement. 

Should I include my refund policy in my raffle rules?

We would highly recommend that you include a basic refund policy in your raffle rules. 

This can be as simple as saying that there will be “All ticket sales are final". Other major gaming sites operating in Canada have this policy and in many ways it may be the best approach.

Additional Notes

Regardless of how you choose to handle your refund policy, we explicitly state in our Terms of Use that we will not offer any refunds after the ticket sale end date. Please consider how or if you want to handle refunds and address it in your official raffle rules including how a person seeking a refund is to contact you. 

Please also consider that regulations surrounding online raffle ticket purchases stipulate that refunded tickets cannot be resold.

Mistakes and Sales Errors

You may encounter situation where a purchaser has made a mistake in their transaction such as purchasing too many tickets and requests a refund. A publicly stated rule that all sales are final should not keep you from addressing a situation like this as an exception to the rule. Please refer to our help article on processing refunds for help with doing this.