Your application pack includes documents required by your local gaming authority. In your application package, you will find:

  • Appendix A
  • Application Letter
  • Draft Ticket
  • Organizer List
  • Rules and Conditions
  • Terms of Use

You will need to download the application package and submit the required documents to your local gaming authority. 

There are two ways to download your application package:

From your Manage Raffle page

If you don't see the orange APPLICATION PACKAGE button shown below, there two possible reasons:

a) You have outstanding tasks required before your application package is complete. Click on the "Pending Tasks" button in the bottom right corner of the page to see what tasks are remaining. 

b) You've already downloaded your application package once before. In that case, download the application package from the Reports page, as shown below.

From the Reports page

You can download the application package from the reports page at anytime. Use these steps if you do not see the orange application package on your Manage Raffle page shown above.