Note: These steps assume that you have created a Funding Change account and have been setup as a raffle administrator by your organization. If you have not, please contact your raffle administrators.

Adding Ticket Sellers

  1. Click on Manage Raffle on your raffle card
  3. Search for your seller’s name by typing in their first and last name
  4. If no name appears, click CREATE TICKET SELLER.
  5. If a ticket seller’s name appears, click on their name. Your ticket seller has then been added. Verify that your seller now appears below.
  6. Fill in the first name and last name of your ticket seller. You may also include email address and phone number for your records if you like.
  7. Click CREATE TICKET SELLER. Verify that your ticket seller now appears as a ticket seller.

Assign a RSU to a Ticket Seller

Once a ticket seller has been added to your raffle, you must assign them a specific RSU device before they can begin selling. Follow the steps below to assign a RSU to a seller.

  1. Click on MANAGE TICKET SELLERS from you Raffle Dashboard
  2. Find the name of the ticket seller you want to assign a RSU to and click ASSIGN
  3. Enter a float amount
  4. Select the RSU you wish to assign to the seller from the dropdown list
  5. Click Assign
  6. Provide the ticket seller passcode to the ticket seller so they can sign in to their RSU

  7. *NOTE: Ticket seller should keep their passcode on them as they will need it to unlock their device if their device locks. Devices lock after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  8. An easy way to do this is to send a text message with the passcode to the ticket seller

Maximum Cash-on-Hand Policy

It is recommended that you determine a maximum cash-on-hand policy. When a ticket seller reaches this amount of cash-on-hand, they would then be required to perform a cash out.

You can view the current cash-on-hand amount for each active seller in the Manage Ticket Sellers section of your raffle.

Ticket sellers can also view their current cash on hand by tapping the menu button or swiping left from the edge of the screen.