If this is your first raffle and you're following along in the Getting Started help guide, after completing Step 1: Creating an Account, you should now find yourself at a screen that looks like the following:

If you don't see this screen, or you've run raffles using our platform before, you can create a new raffle by clicking on the CREATE A RAFFLE button in your account dashboard.

1. Set Your Raffle Details

Now that our organization details are setup, you can begin setting up the details of your raffle.

a) Name your raffle

This can be whatever you like! "2017 Season 50/50" and "September Prize Raffle" are a couple examples

b) Proposed raffle start date

This is not a firm date but a "target" date that gives us an idea of when you're looking to launch. If you end up deciding to launch earlier or later than this date, that's totally fine!

c) Ticket sales end at

This date is not flexible once the raffle is launched and determines the date and time when sales for your raffle will be deactivated. If you're not completely decided on an end time, go ahead and through in a ballpark date. You can change this date anytime before you actually launch you raffle. 

2. Choose your raffle type


Prize Draw:

Raffles with one or more prizes that are available to be won. 

Split the Pot Draw:

If you choose a Split the Pot Draw, you'll also need to pick between a Percentage Payout and a Progressive Jackpot Raffle 

a) Percentage Payout Raffle

A percentage of raffle sales goes to the winner while the remainder goes to the organization. The most common type of Split the Pot Percentage Payout Raffle is a 50/50. 

b) Progressive Jackpot Raffle

The prize payout is structured just like a percentage payout, however, the main difference is that each ticket purchased is split between the final jackpot and the current mini-pot. 

For example: if a $10 ticket is purchased, $5 would go towards the final jackpot and $5 would go towards the current month's mini-pot.

Prize & Split the Pot Draw:

This is simply a combination of the two other raffle types. There are many possible variations of this. For example, you could have a 50/50 raffle with a prize add-on tickets which requires ticket purchasers to purchase a 50/50 ticket in order to be able to purchase a prize ticket. 

3. Setup ticket and draw details

a) Number of tickets available

Your ticket quantity will vary depending on the type of raffle licence you are applying for through your local regulator. Please refer to our guide on How to Determine Ticket Quantities for more information. 

b) Single ticket price

This is the price someone would pay for 1 ticket

c) Multiple ticket prices

Check the box beside "Yes, I'd like to set multiple ticket prices to increase sales" if you'd like to set multiple ticket prices. 

For example, a popular pricing format is 1 for $5, 3 for $10, 10 for $20 and 50 for $50. 

If you check the box for multiple ticket prices, an area will appear below that allows you to set the pricing you'd like to use.

d) Final draw date

The date that you will perform your final draw.

Important Note: You are legally required to allow ticket purchasers to witness the draw. With the exception of draws that are held at special events, we recommend holding your draw at your office location during business hours. 

e) Final draw time

This can be as early as 5 minutes after ticket sales end but can be anytime afterwards. With that being said, give yourself some time to reconcile your sales. A good way to structure your sales end time and draw time is to end ticket sales at midnight and hold the draw on the next business day during your regular business hours. 

f) Percentage of sales going to prize pool (applies to Split the Pot raffles only)

How much of ticket sales will go to the winner? The most typical split is for 50% to go to the winner -- but it's completely up to you!

g) Seeding and guaranteeing the pot

Give your pot a head start and avoid the unpleasant $0 pot size! Learn more about seeding and guaranteeing pots here.

h) Add earlybird draw

Earlybird draws are another great way to inspire sales early on.

Next Step:  Add a Second Organizer