If you are experiencing difficulties with the hmb.raffle.link page, the most common reason is an incompatible browser.

The Funding Change platform is optimized for Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We are addressing the issues but in the meantime please see the error summaries below.

Two known issues when accessing the page on Internet Explorer are:

Issue :"Long running script" error message - this usually goes away after a period of time. The site will not be accessible until it fully loads. You will experience a delay in being able to access the site's links and sluggish performance.

Solution: Wait until the webpage fully loads. However, using a different browser is recommended.

Issue: Inability to access the "Add your own customized comment" box on the sign up page for coaches and managers. The box doesn't display properly and cannot be accessed in order to type in a customized response. 

Solution: Unfortunately no work around exists as of yet. Please access the site from either Chrome (recommended), Safari or Firefox.