When you are setting up your raffle you have the opportunity to add a phone number to sell tickets through for your raffle or to leave it blank.

The phone sales operation means that if you add a phone number, a small green button will automatically display itself under the large orange "Buy Online" button on the raffle page. If no phone number is entered, then no button appears to the purchaser.

If the button appears due to a phone number being entered into the system, when clicked, the purchaser will see the following message: 

"If you want to buy tickets over the phone, call (your org name) at: (will display the entered number)"

This gives people who may not be as comfortable purchasing online another option through which they can buy. The organization would need to ensure they are familiar with the event sales operations of the system, but would be all set to sell tickets to interested parties over the phone!

Keep in mind though, the button will always be live as long as there is a phone number in the system so whichever number you decide to use may be called even during hours that you are not answering it. A message that will help a purchaser know when they can call back for help would be great.

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