While your raffle is in draft status you will notice a card that displays the information that is in the system concerning the draws for your raffle. The address that is entered is shared with the ticket purchaser both on the online raffle page as well as on the purchasers receipt. This is because by law, the purchaser has the right to witness the draw of winners. The location and time is shared with the buyer in order to ensure transparency to the buyer.

The phone number on the other hand is private information that is required to be set up in the system to ensure that communication is available between Funding Change and the administrator performing the draw should their be a need to touch base while the draw is being performed. This information is not shared with the public in any way.

Both the address and the phone number can be edited while the raffle is in draft status. If the raffle is "pending" because it has been submitted to Funding Change, if a change is required, it can be made but the raffle will be relegated back to "draft" status and will need to have the application package downloaded again as well as the raffle resubmitted in order to return it back to "pending" status. This is because submitted raffles are approved by Funding Change on the premise that all the information entered into the system has been vetted and approved by the regulator. Any changes made after the raffle has been submitted would probably require an amendment to be sought and can be a lengthy process. 

Therefore, please ensure that any changes to the draw information are done before downloading your application package and submitting it to the regulator.

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