You've just discovered one of the most powerful features associated with making your raffle a success. Adding competitive sellers. 

IMPORTANT: Before you launch your raffle you must decide if you want to utilize this feature. 

Competitive sales must be enabled and you must have at least one competitive seller listed in the system before the raffle is launched. If you launch without competitive sales enabled and a team or individual listed, the feature is locked down and disabled automatically.

Competitive sales enables a seller to share a unique link to the raffle that tracks all the sales inspired through that link back to the seller. It also provides a way for general users who do not find the raffle thought a sellers unique link, to locate a seller they would like to support and ensure their sale gets credited to the right person or team. One of the ways that is done is through the leaderboard.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard feature in competitive sales allows your purchasers to see what competitive sellers are selling for your raffle, ranks them, lists the amounts they've raised and provides purchasers with an active link (when they click on the seller's name) to access the seller's raffle page.

It can be turned on or off in your raffle using the toggle switch and can be turned on or off during the raffle at any time. The leaderboard enables purchasers that may have heard about the raffle but not have found their preferred sellers unique link, to easily find them, see how they are performing and then make their purchase and credit it to the proper seller. 

Adding a Team or Individual

When you are adding sellers you have a choice between adding a team or an individual. For now, both act in the same way, so it doesn't matter which designation you choose. In future releases we will be adding functionality that allows the system to track a team's sales as well as individuals associated with that team. For now, the system tracks teams ( a group of people all using the same unique raffle link - url to sell through) or individuals ( each individual uses their own link to sell through) only. 

When you add a team or individual as a competitive seller you want to ensure that their name is entered in a way that allows the purchaser to easily identify them, so enter their name in a way that makes it easy for the purchaser to recognize their identity. 

Custom Message

Adding a custom message for the competitor is another great way to personalize the competitive seller's appeal to the purchaser and give them confidence that they are supporting the right person or team! When a custom message is entered, it appears on the raffle page when it is accessed through the sellers link in a green " comment box" graphic. That added message of why the purchaser should support them can go along way in ensuring the purchaser feels confident they are in the right place and understands why they are making the purchase. They must be added by the administrator for each competitor, so once the seller is set up and the administrator is sharing the link with them, it is a good idea to ask them for a message that can be associated with their link.

Sharing the Link

Sharing the link is easy. once your competitor is set up, click the "share link" button. You can then email the link, or copy and past it into other communication. Encourage them to save the link somewhere easily accessible and encourage them to start identifying who and how they plan to share the raffle. From this point on the success of the raffle and your competitive sellers is all about the campaign and support that is offered.

Remind your sellers regularly about the raffle and encourage them to share their link over text, email and/or social media. Set a goal, give updates and make sure you are communicating all the way through the campaign to keep them engaged. 

Editing the Sellers

Once the seller is set up you can edit their name and message at any time. None of that will effect their link, so feel free to change up messages or clarify names if necessary along the life of your raffle.

Happy selling! 

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.