Launching a raffle online is no silver bullet. You can’t just send it out and expect people to buy. So how do you make it a success? Word of mouth...and a little healthy competition!

We've found that just like in the face to face world... a personal message attached to an appeal to get behind a cause is one of the best ways to garner support. We also know that when you reward people for taking action or when they get to experience the pride of being the best at something, they often find a whole new realm of motivation to tap into to win or be the best! 

Welcome to Competitive Sales

No More Raffle Books To Stare at You!

One of the things traditional printed tickets did have going for them, was that if you handed them out to people to sell, they would sit on the persons desk, or counter at home as a reminder that they should ask their friends and family to support them by buying tickets. BUT... the person would have to physically see them in order to complete the transaction. Then... you have the nightmare of managing the cash. 

With competitive sales, the raffle Administrator is able to share a unique raffle URL to anyone they want to get involved. That person could form team to share that URL with to get them involved in selling or just compete as an individual. That gives the raffle administrator the ability to incentivize the people involved by putting a prize up for grabs that will go to the best team or individual.

An Easier Way to Sell

Imagine how your raffle sales wold increase if you involved the people who would benefit from the raffle proceeds with selling tickets? Instead of just having your organization take part in sharing the raffle, your staff, volunteers and/or the people benefiting from the funds ( sports teams, parents, program participants) could be sharing the raffle with ease with their unique URL and helping with sales. They could email, text or share the link on their own social media channels. Just think... imagine if you got 10 people involved in a competition to see who could sell the most tickets, and those 10 people sold to 5 people each? If those 50 people each spent $ 20 - just from them sharing alone you would reach $1000! 

Leaderboard and Custom Message

When you enable competitive sales, we give you the ability to show a leader board for your raffle sales on your raffle page! As well... every person that you include in the selling gets a chance to write a custom message that will show up when someone visits their page from their unique URL! What an incredible way to inspire someone to buy! Their support will actually be credited to the seller who shared the link and they will be able to see where their friend or family member is on the leader board. That's some seriously great motivation for purchasing tickets.

Creating an Effective Campaign

We can't stress this enough! When you launch a raffle online  it is imperative that it be surrounded by a solid campaign that involves emailing your list, sharing on social media and includes the calls to action to your front line supporters that they need to share the raffle! Of course... adding competitive sales allows you to inspire others to make the raffle a success for you as well.

Alright! You are all set! Get your stakeholders involved, figure out a great prize, tell them they can earn a reward and get them selling!

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.