Step 1: Confirm Your Buyers Eligibility.

Your raffle rules will outline the eligibility requirements for any ticket purchaser. You may want to have a printed sheet at your table or kiosk for reference or review the rules so that any special requirements ( like proof of age if they are required to be 18 or older) are understood when processing ticket sales. To find your raffles rules, go to the raffle page that your organization created and the rules will be listed under the 'rules' tab.

If you are processing phone sales through the page, remember that to purchase a ticket to a raffle, the purchaser by law must be in the province at the time of purchase or prove that they are a resident of the province the raffle is being run in. The only way to ensure that your over the phone purchaser is a resident of the province is by processing their purchase with their credit card through the Funding Change payment gateway on this sales page and unchecking the box marked " This is an in person sale". Any other method you use cannot be verified through our system and leaves you solely responsible for ensuring the information you enter for he ticket purchase is correct.

Step 2: Present the Ticket/Receipt Options

At the start of this article we outlined the importance of considering what type of ticket/receipts you were going to offer. So as the second step in selling tickets, if you are only offering email receipts, then this is the time to let people know that to ensure they are ok getting an email receipt.

Step 3: Selecting Tickets

Ask the customer how many tickets they would like to purchase and select the number by using the + or - keys or by keying in the amount in the number field between them. They will most likely ask what the price points are, so just read them right off the page. If you need to relay the prizes to the customer, click the small green " Show Prizes" gift icon below the ticket to see a list.

When the tickets are entered, click the orange "Reserve Tickets" button to go to the next step.

Step 4: Enter Customer Details

To sell face-to-face for an electronic raffle, the only fields that are mandatory on the order form are first and last name and phone number. In that case though, remember the purchaser has the right to have a ticket. So if they are requesting a ticket as proof of entry and purchase, you will need to provide a way for them to receive a ticket (printer). If the purchaser is ok with receiving a ticket by email ( the best way!) in that scenario, an email must be taken. Either way, the system supports both options. Of course if you are trying to build your database, you can decide to take the person's full address and when you ask if they would like to opt-in to your mailing at the end of the purchase you will have their address, if they opt in.

We collect the customer's contact info because with an online raffle, their personal details are needed in order to contact them if they win. That is why there is no need for the purchaser to keep their ticket/receipt unless it is just for their personal records.

Step 5: Tick or Un-Tick Box Beside "This sale is in person."

If the person buying the ticket is buying in-person directly from you, tick the box beside "The sale is in person."

If the person buying is buying the ticket over the phone, that box must be unticked.


You are only allowed to sell tickets over the phone to buyers who live in the province where the raffle is being hosted. 

Step 6: Payment

You have 4 payment options available:

  1. POS: If your organization has it's own point of sale device and it is used for the sale, ensure that you are harvesting the authorization number off the receipt after you process payment. Do not complete the order until the payment has cleared on your POS device and you enter the authorization code off the receipt.
  2. Credit Card: This is the Funding Change online payment gateway for processing credit cards. Simply enter the purchasers credit card number ( Visa or Mastercard) expiry date and CVV.
  3. Cash: Remind your customer the purchase price, enter the amount of money they have handed you in to the change calculator. Click the calculate button to calculate the change and hand it to the customer.
  4. Cheque: If you are receiving cheques for payment please be aware that if the cheque ends up NSF then you will need to void the tickets associated with the cheque. For tracking purposes, enter the cheque number in the field for your records.

Step 7: Adding Email Address to Mailing List

There is one more tick box on the page that needs to be addressed with a question to the purchaser. The tick box is unchecked and the purchaser must be asked if they can be added to your organizations mailing list. The purchaser must consent to having their email (or address) added to your list. If they do not consent or you do not ask, you must leave the box unchecked.

Step 8: Completing the Purchase

There is no way of altering this order when you have clicked the " Complete Order" button so make sure the information is correct before continuing. 

When you have completed all of the steps above, click the orange button to complete the payment.

Step 9: Issuing the Receipt 

The last pop up modal screen you see when you complete the order allows you to fill in the specific order information needed to complete a written receipt, "Print" the ticket/receipt, " Email" the receipt to the purchaser or continue with another order.

If you did not enter the persons email when they were ordering the "Email" button will be greyed out. There is no way of entering their email address when you are at this screen.

Thank the person for their support... and get ready for the next order!

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.