Set up your first raffle and you’ll begin to see raffle cards showing up in your dashboard beside your organization. These raffle cards allow you to move through the whole raffle creation process, taking you from concept to completion when you are ready to launch and go live!

Raffle Card Sample image

Raffle Card Sample Image

You will find the following functions on your Raffle Dashboard, accessible by clicking the "Manage Raffle" button. These features include:

Submitting Your Raffle

When everything is set up, your application has been received and approved by the regulator and you have your license letter from them, you are ready to submit your raffle. We’ll ask you for a copy of the letter from the regulator and then you’ll submit your raffle for approval.

Once your raffle is submitted you will see the status of your raffle card change to “Pending”. It typically will only take us 1 business day to approve your raffle. If we have any questions… we will just reach out to you for clarity.

When we have approved your raffle, you will see the status of your raffle card change to “Approved” and that means you are ready to launch your raffle!

Editing Your Raffle

Not happy with how the raffle is structured or you have to switch something up? Easy-peesy… this is where you’ll do it.

Customize Your Raffle

We’ve given you some areas where you can add your flair. Design your raffle banner, upload some engaging inspiring content (especially pictures of your prizes!) to entice your ticket buyers. Remember, you don’t have a ton of space, especially if people are viewing the raffle on their phones, so... short and sweet is great! You will also add your rules and the message you want to send to your purchasers on the Share page. It’s all right here. When you’ve completed the set up and design of your raffle just click the preview button on the top left to take a look at how your images look, how your headline works at grabbing people and how your prizes look in the content area above the tickets.

Getting Your Raffle Reports

To apply for your raffle license with the regulator you will need a sample or "draft" ticket. This is where you get that! Then after you run your raffle you may need some reports on the financial aspect of the raffle or check and see your daily sales summary. They are in this section too!


No explanation necessary. You don’t like the draft raffle… you can always delete it!


This one needs very little explanation too! When you launch your raffle it becomes a live, public raffle page that can be shared with your email list or through social channels.

Once your raffle is running, you will see the status of the card change to “Running Raffle”. At that point a few other options become available to you:

Check Raffle Stats

Click this button and the card switches to display the current statistics of your raffle. Such as: Ticket Name, # of Tickets Issued, # Tickets Voided, # Tickets Available, Total Tickets and Total Revenue. It’s a snapshot of your raffle all in one glance.

View Raffle

Do you want to see what your ticket buyer’s see? This is the link that takes you to your live raffle page! The URL you see on the top of the page is the key! Copy it and paste it in emails, on Facebook…. Twitter… or wherever your audience hangs out with an inspiring message that entices them to click it and purchase a ticket. This is the page that they will share with their friends when they get in on the fun.

Sell Tickets: Want to equip a volunteer to sell tickets at an event or through their phone? This is the page they will use to do that. It’s a streamlined checkout page with different options available for receiving payment. A great tool for boosting sales.


This one is pretty self explanatory too! This is the page area in your dashboard you would visit to help refund a customers purchase. All you need is the persons order number, located on the ticket to search for their purchase and then process the refund depending on whether they paid online or through a different form of payment at an event or over the phone.


When you conduct a raffle, you need to perform a draw and this is where you do that. From here you can request a draw to be made by the Funding Change system, view the winners and post them to the raffle page automatically with the click of a button. Redraws may also be performed here if they are necessary.

If you still have questions or comments, just reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.