Raffle Terms
Ticket Sale End Date
The date you will stop making tickets available for purchase. Please add a time as well although for most online raffles leaving it as "End of Day" works just fine.
Prize Raffle
It's just what it sounds like - you offer a fixed prize (fixed cash amount, item, trip, etc.) to the winners. You can have multiple prizes in a single prize raffle. 
For a prize raffle, name your prize(s) and add the retail value amount less taxes and then hit the "click to add prize" button.
Percentage Payout Raffle
A raffle where you offer to share a portion of the total sales of the raffle to the winner like a 50/50 draw. This is also where you would set up a cumulative or progressive pot raffle. We also give you the option of creating a combined Prize and Split the Pot draw as well.
Prize Percentage
Declare the percentage of total sales going to the winner.
Guaranteeing or seeding the pot
Offer the amount you wish to start the pot off with (seeding the pot) or enter a "0" in the field. Conversely, you can enter the amount you are willing to offer to guarantee the pot or once again, enter "0" here if you choose to seed it instead. To understand the great benefits of seeding or guaranteeing the pot and to understand the difference read this. You can also uncheck the box where you stated you wanted to seed or guarantee the pot if you are not utilizing this feature.
Number of Tickets Available
Calculated by dividing your expected revenue for the raffle by the lowest price per ticket you are offering. For example if you offered tickets at 20 for $20 ($1 per ticket) and you were expecting a $10,000 raffle, you would need 10,000 tickets. 
Single Ticket Price
The price of a single ticket.
Multiple ticket Pricing
This is a HUGE secret to running a successful raffle. Offer groups of tickets at different prices, with the largest quantity of tickets being the best price per ticket (eg. $5 for 1, 3 for $10 and 15 for $20) Just remember the tiers must offer a declining ticket price per ticket or our system will ask you to change it.
Final Draw Date
The date you will be drawing for your main prizes.

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