1. FREE Rewards

Yup…it’s true. If you are planning on purchasing raffle tickets to support your favourite charity and share the raffle with your friends and family, consider creating a free account. We track the sales that you inspire by sharing... and with every sale, you get another chance to win prizes. The more you share and inspire sales, the better your chances are to win! Now that's a win-win situation!


2. Speed–Up Your Checkout

When you are signed-in to your Funding Change account we expedite the purchase process by filling in your personal information for you. Just give it a once over to ensure it’s correct, add your credit card info and get on with your day! Too easy.


3. Track Your Tickets

Everybody likes a one-stop shop right? Creating an account allows you to have one place online to keep track of your raffle purchases. It will be the place to watch for winning tickets and get alerts for new draws!

It literally takes 10 seconds to create an account. Use your email address as your login, choose your password and that’s it. We’ll send you an email to make sure you are you (are you?) and “Voila!” your Funding Change account is ready.