When the winners of your raffle are published onto your draw screen, you will notice that we ask you first to ensure that the winners are eligible to win, or have claimed their prize according to your rules. 

If you have determined that the winner is not eligible, we give you the ability to perform a redraw.

Please consider that performing a redraw should be a very rare occurrence. It is not often that an ineligible winner sneaks into the draw. 

An example of an ineligible winner, for instance, could be in a raffle where your rules state that your own staff and board are not allowed to participate. However, when you view the results you see the Chairman of the Board’s name and a redraw is in order. 

Or let’s say your rules state that a winner must claim their prize within 45 days, and you stipulate that you will redraw for a winner in the case of a prize not being claimed within the time frame given. Once again, a redraw is in order.

The process of performing a redraw is the same as performing a regular draw with a couple different nuances.

When you see your results published on the draw page, you will see that beside each name is a drop down box that you can open to choose a reason for your redraw. 

The reason we suggest you review the winners after you see the results and before posting the winner to your draw page is to make sure a redraw isn’t necessary.

If it is necessary, you need to choose a reason for why you are performing the draw from the drop down menu, and then you will notice a text box that you must use in order to comment on the reason for the redraw. You will not be able to perform the redraw until a reason is given. When you perform a redraw, an alert is sent to the Administrator and Auditor roles on your organization account stating that a redraw has been requested.

The email alert will note both the selected reason and the written comment, and our system will track and log that info for future use in an investigation by the provincial regulator if necessary.

When the reasons are submitted, the “Request Redraw” button will become active (orange) and that marks that it is available to be clicked.

When clicked, a redraw request will be filed with Funding Change. With redraw requests, we reserve the right to respond within one business day of the request. We can not commit to performing it immediately though in some cases that may happen.

The draw will be performed in the same manner as a regular draw is performed with email alerts and a results email sent to the Administrator and Auditor when the redraw has been completed.

And that is the process for requesting a redraw!

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.