When you create a raffle with Funding Change, it can be tweaked, changed, updated and improved all you want... as long as it's not submitted for approval with us yet!

When you submit your raffle, we ask you to upload your license letter from the provincial regulator. That letter is their approval of your raffle as you have outlined in your application and supporting documents. For that reason, there are some parameters over what can and can't be changed without asking for permission.

Once a raffle is submitted to Funding Change, any request for a change must be submitted to us for approval. Any changes to an organization’s name on the raffle, raffle ticket quantity, ticket prices, prizes, draw dates, times, locations and rules though, will require an amendment from the provincial regulator to accompany the request and all changes will be recorded.  


Raffle changes that do not require approval from the regulator and that can be done when a raffle has been submitted or is running (by submitting a change request) are:

- Changes to images or copy on the Organization’s Raffle Page

- Changes to messages on the Share page.


So what is the moral of the story? Make sure that the information for your raffle is correct when you send in the application to your provincial regulator. We'll do our best to help you every step of the way to ensure the process is quick and painless...and correct!