It's important to remember that with an online raffle, you aren't limited by the size of your event or the time of it! You can run your raffle while you are selling tickets to the event and still sell to others not attending the event. Obviously the best way for a user to purchase tickets is through their smartphone, but for people who are at your event from out of town, we provide a simple one page checkout process which includes the ability for you to handle cash sales or other point-of-sale (POS) payments outside of our system.

One thing to remember when selling face-to-face at an event is that people always have a right to a ticket/receipt. There are three ways to handle this. 

  1. Inform people before they purchase that you are only supporting e-tickets, so if they would like to purchase a raffle ticket, their ticket/receipt will have to be emailed to them. We have a spot on the sales page to input their email address when they order.
  2. Print off a template for your ticket/receipt from the Reports page in your dashboard and after a sale is completed, hand write the information on the receipt for the purchaser. We make all the pertinent order details available to you.
  3. Set up a 'kiosk' where you will sell tickets using a laptop and printer. When the sale is finalized, we give you the ability to print the receipt for your purchaser.

The other thing to recognize is that when you are using the Sales Page through Funding Change, you as the organizer are taking responsibility for who you are selling tickets to and must ensure they are eligible for the raffle.