You're off to a great start! 

If you are considering submitting your raffle, then you’ve already moved through the process of setting up your organization account details, setting up the raffle details, downloading your application package and you've received your raffle license from your provincial regulator. 

Now you are ready to submit your raffle to Funding Change for approval.

At this stage of the game, your raffle is set up in “Draft” form as your raffle card says in the bottom right hand corner. If you are all set, then the next step is to “Submit It” to Funding Change with a copy of your license documents. 

The documents we require to be sent are your:

  • Regulator license letter
  • Approved rules.
  • Approved sample ticket
  • Approved Appendix A
  • Approved application (or application letter you downloaded from our system in your application package) confirming the details of the raffle. 

The documents documents can be emailed to with the subject line: Raffle License Docs.

Now that you have your license package from the regulator, any changes that you may need to make on your raffle can be subject to some limitations. You can learn more about making changes to your raffle here. The main thing to remember here is that you want your raffle information to be accurate to your approved application, as changing it after this point is a bit of a process.

If you are ready to submit your raffle, there are three steps you need to complete:

1. Legal Organization Name

Please confirm the full legal name of your organization and change the default name on the screen IF it doesn't accurately reflect the legal name of your organization.

2. License Type

When you applied for your raffle license you chose a certain type of license. Often they are based on the amount of revenue you expect in your raffle. Choose the type of license you got approved for from the drop down menu.

3. License Number

On the raffle license letter you received from your provincial regulator, they quote a license number. It may be the same number across each draw you are performing or it could be different. Enter your raffle license number (with all the letters, numbers and dashes!) in the spot provided.

Once those variables are all looked after, you are ready to submit your raffle for approval by clicking the “Submit Raffle” button.

The approval process can take up to 5 business days to process although our top notch team will do everything they can to get things done much quicker that that! During that process you will see that your raffle card states it status as “ Pending Approval”.

When your raffle is approved, we will send an email alert to the administrators and auditors listed on the organization account.

When approved you will also see the raffle card in your organizer dashboard read “Approved” and at that point... you are ready to launch!

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.