Your reports page is an important place for you to get familiar with before during and after a raffle. 

It hosts key information you need in order to apply for your raffle license, monitor important details of your raffle and file reports to the provincial regulator after your raffle has concluded. 

Before Your Raffle is Launched

When applying for your raffle license you will need a set of documents to send to the regulator. We have created an application package for you to download ( .zip file) that contains the majority of the documents you need to apply for your raffle. The documents included in that package are:

1. Application Letter – this highlights the raffle information from our system that is usually included on you application. By sending this letter, you don’t need to include this information on the application.

2. Appendix A – this is a document that the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba needs to see that outlines important information about our system.

3. Draft Ticket – this is a sample raffle ticket for the regulator to approve.

4. Organizer List – this is a list of all the people listed on your organization account who have been assigned a role for the raffle.

5. Rules and Conditions – this is a print out of the rules that you entered when you were customizing the raffle.

6. Funding Change's Website Terms of Use Document - this forms part of the contract you have with Funding Change and the regulator needs to review it.   

The only documents you need to include with this package to the regulator is your Funding Change contract appendix (to accompany the Terms of Use document above to form the complete contract), which will be furnished through the sales department at If you are ready to apply for your raffle and you have not received your contract appendix please contact our sales department.

One other document that we make available to you on the reports page that you may find handy if you are doing events, is a Blank Raffle receipt. To learn more about why you might need to use a blank template for your events click here.

During Your Raffle: Daily Sales Report

While your raffle is running you have the ability to view the Daily Sales Report. It is a summary of the sales that have been generated for your raffle that day and includes online and offline sales. This report is your key to auditing and tracking sales by the “Sellers” in your account and can assist you in not only monitoring your sales but also accounting for money collected by your sales people.

After Your Raffle is Over: Financial Report

Depending on the type of raffle you applied for and ran, the regulator may require you to file a final report that summarizes the ticket sales and breaks out important details of the raffle’s performance. The Financial Report gives you the metrics you need to help fill out your report to provide to the regulator and is a great report to keep for your own records.

We are committed to making your raffle a success! Your reports page houses the information you need to not only monitor your raffles success but also to help you fulfill your obligations to your provincial regulator in terms of applying, reporting and tracking your raffle.

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.