You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write simple, engaging raffle page messaging that will help inspire people to purchase tickets and share your raffle with others.

Just use a bit of common sense and creativity to help craft a great headline and some supportive messaging for your raffle page and it will go a long way to helping sell tickets.

Your Headline

Your headline is probably the most important aspect of this page if you want to grab someone’s attention and steer them towards supporting your raffle.

Your headline should be short and direct, conveying a benefit to the person who reads it. It’s not about just announcing your raffle to the world (eg. “Raffle Ticket Sales Are Open” … yawn!) instead it’s about grabbing someone’s attention with a perceived benefit (eg. “Win Cash and Help Sick Kids!” Or “Take The Trip You Always Wanted”)

Play on different motivations with your headline! Speak to the “what’s in it for me” in your audience, whether it’s highlighting the prize that they’ll win and/or the idea that they are helping a worthy cause.

It’s worth taking a bit of time to craft your headline. Don’t rush this one… it’s important.

Images and Messaging

After your headline is in place the message and supporting images are really key too. We suggest that if you are running a prize raffle, show a picture or two of the prizes that people will win. This is the best place to highlight your prizes because under the “Prize” tab of your page we only include the name and retail value for your prize(s).

You do have quite a bit of room to work with, but make sure you add a few images about your prizes or to pictures to help reinforce your cause, that you save your changes and head to the “Preview Raffle” link on your raffle card to see how it all looks. Your desktop offers much more of your raffle page for viewing so you’ll need to see it from your purchasers point of view.

After you have added your image it’s time to highlight your prizes. Start with the Grand Prize if you have a few and list them with a brief description and image if possible. Why start with the prizes? Because when we create the posts that will be used when people share your raffle socially, the prizes will come up first in the description. That is the best way to entice people who are looking at a shared post in a glance, to click in the link and buy some tickets. For example...

(headline)     See Jets vs Oilers at the WINTER Classic! 

(sub headline) See Jet and Oiler GREATS of yesterday and today when you support the United Way!

(Prize 1)         Grand Prize - 2 Tickets to the Heritage Classic Alumni Game  - Oct 22, 2016


               Second Prize - 2 Tickets to the Heritage Classic Game - Oct 23, 2016


               Early Bird Prize: 2 Regular Season Jets Tickets - Buy Before Oct 1st, 2016


After you've done that, support it all with a quick, short and sweet message that explicitly tells your audience what you want them to do.

For example…

“Your support helps us get kids out of poverty and into sports. Win two tickets anywhere in Canada and give a kid a break! You can help us by sharing this right now and buying a ticket below.“ 

If your images are good enough, it could even just be ” Buy your tickets now and help send a child to summer camp. Sharing this raffle after you buy a ticket makes you our hero! Thanks.

You get the idea! Pictures and punchy copy that gets right to the point. People typically scan a web page to see if it’s worth reading. The headline, prize description and images will be what make them stop and give you a couple more seconds to convince them to buy a ticket. If they see too much copy to read, chances are they’ll just ignore the page and move on.

Keep it short, sweet and to the point and you’ll be amazed what your messaging can do to help you sell tickets!

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.