Why is the Internet filled with cat pictures, funny memes and images of people’s lunch?

Because people LOVE to look at pictures.

That’s why when it comes to garnering people’s attention to buy tickets for your raffle, pictures are your best friend. Of course pictures are followed closely in importance by a captivating headline! Both are important for selling tons of tickets. (Need a great, FREE program to edit pictures? Try www.picmonkey.com. It's a beauty.)

Uploading Images For Your Raffle Page

You will see that when you are customizing your raffle page, we encourage you to add a nice banner image. You can drag and drop an image of your choice into the banner area or click on it to browse in your computer for the winning image!

Please note that your image should be 851 px wide x 312 px high, the same basic dimensions as a Facebook banner image. Wondering what types of files work best? Try .jpeg or .png files on your raffle page.

Keep in mind also that the lower left portion of the image will be covered by your organizations logo image. You upload that image on the customize page of your organization account as opposed to here on the customize raffle page and for BEST results, use a .png image with a transparent background.

As well... when we have to adjust the image for mobile devices, much of the space on the left hand side of the banner will be covered by the logo box and your organization/raffle name, so a nice solid image on the right hand side of the banner should be great. 

Make sure you use the preview function in the "Customize Raffle" page to see how your design looks on a mobile phone. That's where a ton of folks will see it for the first time!

We encourage you to take the time to create a banner image that helps show potential buyers what supporting your raffle is all about, rather than just repurposing an old image just to get something in there! Nevertheless, any image is a better choice than just using a gradient coloured background image. That should be used purely as a last resort.

Again... whichever picture you create or choose, make sure it renders properly on the raffle page by clicking the “Preview Raffle” link on the page. Remember you can always save your changes and come back to it later if need be!

Raffle Message Section

Keep using pictures in the content area of your raffle page as well to display your prizes if you are doing a prize raffle (that always helps sell tickets!) or reinforce your cause with some images there to help people understand what they are supporting by purchasing tickets and sharing the draw with others. Just as a heads up, your images will have to be placed vertically, not horizontally, so keep that in mind when you are building out your page. 

Uploading images that are too large and then adjusting them in the content editor (highliting them and adjusting the size) won't adjust the size on your raffle page. Instead, make sure you use a program like www.picmonkey.com to adjust them to a smaller size  Make sure your image size makes sense for the size of the page and use the preview function to take a look and make sure they are correct.

Okay, now it’s your turn to go for it! Get going creating and adding some great pics and let us know if you can help any further.

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.