Online sales are great… but we all know that garnering someone’s attention strictly online is a fight. So…. Go with a 1-2 punch to knock your sales out of the park!

Your Sales Page is a great way to keep the sales rolling in while you are running an online raffle. Find a complete Step by Step sellers guide here!

The sales page is designed to be easy to use, flexible but with all the security and tracking that comes with a digital solution.

Things to Consider Before You Sell

1. Are you offering physical receipts to your in person sales customers? 

If 'Yes'... You will need a printer connected to your laptop. Alternatively, you can offer handwritten tickets/receipts to customers. Our system provides you with the pertinent details of the raffle to handwrite on a pre printed template that we can provide. 

If you are not planning on having a physical receipts and you only plan to email receipts, you must disclose that to potential customers at the time of purchase to ensure they are comfortable with either foregoing a receipt completely or giving you their email address at the time of purchase. Remember, Funding Change is not a bearer ticket system. That means that a ticket is not needed in order for a customer to claim a prize unless the rules expressly stipulate that.

2. Who are you going to get to help with sales? In your Organization Account you can assign roles for staff or volunteers to sell tickets over the phone, over their personal devices or at an event. Assigning someone a role to sell tickets or be your "sales manager" allows them to access the sales page associated with your raffle but nothing else. Sales managers have the added ability of refunding ticket sales as well as selling. Every seller (or manager) must sign in to the raffle page which allows our system to track every sale right down to the person who sold the tickets, providing integrity and accountability over the sale.

3. Are you offering roaming ticket service or just "kiosk" ticket sales? It's a great idea to empower your volunteers or staff to roam freely at your event and offer ticket sales. Just remember that if you do that, your volunteers will not be able to offer a printed receipt, so your guests will have to decide to have their receipt emailed, or to go to a kiosk or table you have set up with printed receipts if they want a hardcopy ticket/receipt from their purchase.

This page can be used in a few different ways. It’s great for sales at events, as a replacement for good ‘ol ticket books (they weren’t THAT good!) and for sales over the phone or in person by your organization. Just keep in mind, that there are a few differences to consider when using our system which we’ll address after a run down of how sales can occur at an event or over the phone. You can find these important notes under the heading "Important Things to Remember" at the bottom of the page.

Event Sales

When your event starts, you have a couple different options you can pursue for selling tickets. By ‘kiosk’, face-to-face, or both.


If you’ve ever sold tickets at an event before chances are you have had people from your organization staffing a table to sell tickets. Well… it’s no different when using our system (ok… it’s a bit different!)

The best way to sell tickets at the table is through a laptop or possibly a tablet. There is some data entry required with our system; so having a device with a trusted, good sized keyboard is a good plan.


Sometimes sending out your sales army to go table-by-table armed with a tablet or smartphone makes sense. Let’s be honest… when you are standing in front of someone it makes it a lot harder to say “no” to a sales person. So this can be a very effective way to boost your sales.

Phone Sales

When you set up your raffle, you will notice that we give you the option of adding a phone number to your raffle page in order for people to call you for tickets instead of ordering online.

To process phone sales, a member of the organization would use the sales page to reserve the tickets, gather all pertinent personal details and process the payment. One thing that must be considered is that the person must have a Manitoba address in order to be eligible to purchase. To ensure this, we validate the postal code of the purchaser in order to ensure they are a resident of Manitoba.

When you process a phone sale you will also need to remember to UNcheck the box that records an in-person sale. Phone sales need to be recorded for proper tracking and auditing.

Whether you offer event sales, phone sales or both, there are a few things that you need to consider when using the sales page.

Payment Methods

When using our sales page, you have options when it comes to the payment types you can accept.

1. Cash. Yup… people still carry cash. It’s quick and easy and our page tracks all cash sales to the seller for auditability. We’ll provide a report of all the sales that occurred, through whom and by what payment method.

2. Cheque. Yes… we empower you to take a cheque if necessary. We ask you to record the cheque number in order to track the sale. Please consider that a cheque can bounce and that can prove to be challenging to sort through when you are dealing with raffle ticket sales.

3. Your POS device. If you have your own point of sale terminal to process cards through, that can be used as well. In this case we ask you to record the Authorization code from the transaction in order to record the type of sale.

4. Funding Change’s Online Gateway. We can provide your merchant services too just like we do with an online sale. We’ll help process your credit card sales, we just don’t offer debit card sales. Just a heads up.

It is important to remember that all sales conducted outside of our system are your responsibility. If a refund is required the payment method will determine how the funds are to be returned.


We charge a percentage of sales fee when you use our system to conduct a raffle. A part of that fee is our payment of the merchant processing fees charged on credit card sales. When you use a form of payment that doesn’t rely on using our system, we adjust our fee accordingly.

Important Things to Remember


When selling face-to-face at an event, people may ask for a physical ticket as a receipt. There are three ways you can choose to handle this.

1. You could make people aware before they purchase that you are only supporting e-tickets and if they would like to purchase, their ticket/receipt would have to be emailed to them. We have a spot on the sales page to input their email address. 

2. Talk to us about creating a stack of pre-made ticket/receipt templates just for your raffle from the Reports page in your Raffle Dashboard. After a sale is completed, we make all the pertinent order details available to the seller right on the screen of their digital device so they can hand-write on the receipt for the purchaser.

3. Set up a 'kiosk' where you will sell tickets over a laptop and bring a printer. When the sale is finalized, we give you the ability to print the receipt PDF for your purchaser.

Recognizing Eligibility

Another important aspect of selling through the sales page is understanding that you, as the organizer, are taking responsibility for who you are selling tickets to. 

First, it is your job to ensure that your ticket purchasers meet your eligibility requirements under the rules of your raffle.

With that, you must ensure that the order you are processing through the sales page is done correctly. Every order is tracked right down to who sold the ticket, the payment method used and whether or not the person was "in person" when making the order. 

If you are processing a phone sale, you must UNcheck the tick box that states "This is an in person sale." 

Using the sales page, it is solely your responsibility to ensure that the purchaser is eligible for the raffle and that the order is processed and recorded correctly. You must ensure that they are either in your province (an out of town guest can buy a ticket and win if they purchase it in the province) or from the province where the raffle is running (which you must ensure if people are buying over the phone from you!) and that they meet all the requirements of the raffle. 

Another example of ensuring the eligibility of purchaser the would be if there is an age restriction on who can participate, it is your responsibility to ensure the purchaser meets the minimum age requirement stipulated in the rules.

For a quick Help guide on your event sales page, click here.

Harvesting Emails

Lastly, just before you confirm your sale you will notice that we give you the option to invite the purchaser to join your mailing list. We leave the box unchecked, so you need make sure that you are asking them at the time of purchase if they would like to receive email communication from your organization. If they opt-out of receiving emails from your organization but have provided their email address during the purchase, they will still receive their ticket/receipt.

Wow! That was a longer read than usual! We hope it helped you understand a bit more about using the sales page. You are ready to sell!

Have any other questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.