Sometimes setting up a raffle can feel like a daunting task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. So if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just looking for some guidance, you are in the right place.

As you set up your raffle there are a couple things you should know. First, don’t worry about making mistakes! This is just the first phase of creating your raffle. You have tons of time to make changes and edit things later on, so feel free to start filling in the form and getting comfortable with it. Anything you save can be edited later.

Secondly, as you fill in our form we will help you fill in your raffle application that you will submit to your local regulator to become licensed.

If you happen to have applied for a license already and are now interested in using Funding Change, you can start setting up your raffle but you will need to contact your regulator about the change and your desire to run your raffle electronically.

If you have already been granted a license, an amendment may need to be filed with the government. In both cases, extra documentation will be required to file to the regulator, which we will assist with.

Funding Change can support a raffle with both paper tickets and electronic tickets.

Organization Information

This section is pretty straightforward. Here, simply fill in your organization’s information. This will be used to help you fill in your raffle application and will allow us to set up your organization account in one easy step.

Building Your Raffle

Now that it's time to build your raffle you have a few decisions to make. Do you want to offer phone sales? What type of raffles can be performed? How do you pick the right draw dates and what if you want to add a draw to sell other tickets at another price? You can explore these options all here!:

We hope that helps you get off to a great start in creating your raffle. The best way to learn is to just jump in and begin to set up a raffle. You can always delete it or edit it later. 

Need more help or have questions? If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.