Your organization page is a powerful tool to help you gain more exposure for your raffle!  It’s a public web page that is searchable and is designed to help you drive more traffic to your raffle and increase sales.

Finding Your Page

In your "All-in-one dashboard" under your organization banner and logo, you will see a "Customize" link. Clicking that link will take you to your organization page where you can view it. You will also notice that under the logo and banner image the name of your organization underlined. Click that link and you will be able to view your organization page as well.

Let’s start with a little background. The world outside of your raffle ecosystem needs ways to be able to discover your raffle and buy tickets. They can do that in two ways: through your raffle page and through your organization page.

Organization Page

As mentioned your organization page is a public, searchable web page that houses past and running raffles.

Your raffles are represented and displayed on "Raffle Cards" that contain a link to any active or past raffles your organization hosted. Visitors to this page have the chance to check back for winners of old raffles but can also end up on your active raffle page where they can buy tickets and share your raffle.

So why would you direct someone to this page instead of straight to your raffle page to find your raffle? Great question.

The URL for this page is much more “user friendly” if you have the need of advertising it verbally or in hard copy written form.

If you happen to hold an event and want to direct people to your raffle this page’s URL is the one you want to use. Take a look at it and you will see why. This URL is much easier to remember for someone hearing it. This is its basic form:

Compared to the raffle page URL which has a jumble of numbers at the end of it, this URL is the one to share with an offline audience to give them an easier time finding your raffle. The raffle page URL is best used online as a link.

Customizing your Organization Page

This is where we give you the ability to add a great logo image that we will use across the raffles you run for your organization.

A couple quick tips when uploading your logo image.

1. Image file type

Firstly, the best type of image that you can upload in the logo box is a .png image with a transparent background. If you don't have a logo image like that, that's okay, but we find that visually having the logo image on a transparent background is the best.

2. Square is best!

Secondly, our system really like images that are square -- like Facebook! The image dimensions that work best for your logo for our system are 170px x 170px.

Your logo image is the image we use to bring brand identification to your raffle and it is used for every raffle that you run for your organization. Keep that in mind. It pays off to make sure that your logo works well as it will be used often and represents your organization.

3. Colour your banner

Choose a simple banner colour or gradient that matches your logo to complete the customization.

Your organization page is another tool in your Funding Change tool belt to help you drive traffic to your raffle, increase ticket purchases and gain more valuable exposure to your cause.

Good to go? Let us know if you have any questions or comments. If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.