Why do something alone when you can make it a party?

As you plan your raffle and set up your organization account, we give you the ability to add team members to your account and assign them roles. Each of the roles you assign carries slightly different permissions.

Let’s take a moment to get familiar with why we add people to the account, how to do it and what roles are available to be assigned.

Why Assign Roles?

When you apply for your raffle your provincial regulator may ask you to give them a list of who and what roles have been added to your account. They may also require that you have at minimum of 2 people assigned to Admin roles or an Admin and Auditor before you start. As you will see from the role explanations below, Admins and Auditors play an important role in the security of the raffle and therefore may be required to be added to the account before being approved to launch.

If your regulator requests a list be sent to them of your assigned roles use the "Download List" button to access a list of roles that you can send to them (see Download People List below for instructions on how to do this).

The other reason to add people to the account is in order to get help and spread out the responsibilities of the raffle to other people in your organization.

Of course, when it comes to selling tickets, the more the merrier for adding "seller" roles. To make an online raffle successful, it is important that your staff and volunteers still have a way to sell tickets "face to face"at an event or when they are talking to family and friends. Nothing can replace face-to-face sales for selling tickets, so consider empowering your staff and passionate volunteers to sell by adding them to your organization account as sellers.

Inviting Team Members

To invite a team member to join your organization account:

1. From your organizations dashboard, click on "Manage People".

2. Click on the button that says "Add Team Member". You'll find it on the Add Team Member card.

3. Fill out the form that opens. Click "Generate Invite".

You'll need to add your team member's First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and choose the Role you wish to give them (see "Roles" below for more information on that). 

You'll notice that your team member gets added to your page -- but you're not done quite yet!

4. Click on "Share Link". From here you'll be able to send your team member their invite direct via email or by copying the link and sending it to them. 

When your team member accepts the invite, they will be asked to create their own email username and password to gain access to this account and will be given access to different aspects of the organization account depending on the role assigned to them.


There are currently 5 roles that can be assigned to a team member. Each of them carries slightly different levels of access within the account. The roles and corresponding permissions are:

Administrator:  an Administrator has access to every part of the raffle from start to finish. This is the highest level of access that includes launching draws and drawing winners.

Auditor:  an Auditor has the ability to sell tickets and refund them; access reports, preview raffles and can view the draw page but not actually request the draw. They are also notified of draws and redraws by email.

Designer:  a Designer has the ability to help with the customization of the raffle page and organization page but does not have access to view raffles or edit raffle data.

Sales Manager: a Sales Manager is able to view financial reports, sell tickets and refund orders. That is all the access that is allowed to this role.

Seller:  Sellers only have access to sell tickets through the Sales Page.

Another thing to consider with your team is that the system is designed to email the team members if anyone’s access to the system has been revoked. So if a team member is to be removed, they will get notification of the fact that their access has been revoked.

Download People List

On the left hand side of your page you will notice a " Download List" link. Click the link to produce a report that can be used to inform your board or management team who holds which roles or to submit to your provincial regulator should they require you to report to them who is listed on your account.

So there you have it! That’s how you combat loneliness in your organization account. Many hands make light work they say… so go ahead and invite some friends to join you and have a great raffle!

Good to go? Let us know if you have any questions or comments. If so, reach out to us onlinevisit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.