It’s time to get your raffle out to your raving fans through email, social media and your website, so everyone can find it and share it. How? It's super easy by using the Share features in your raffle dashboard!

When your raffle is launched you will notice the "Share Raffle" card becomes available.

The platform makes it easy for you to share your raffle in a number of ways with just a couple clicks of a button. The system allows you to share to a few of the most popular social networks that your organization may utilize while also making available the link to the raffle so that you can share it with your fans over email, add the link to a graphic on your website or even text it to staff members, or other interested parties!


When you start your raffle with the people closest to your organization-the people most invested in advancing your cause and your most loyal supporters-you are giving your raffle the best chance to succeed! Your staff are a great place to start... along with the people on your email list!

Imagine launching a Split the Pot draw like a 50/50 draw. People who are not directly connected to your organization will need a boost to convince them of supporting you...since the pot may be small at first.

So how do you do that? Have your supporters send messages to their friends!

Imagine when the first link they see for your raffle comes with it a personal message from a friend who shared it with them (a supporter of yours!) encouraging them to get behind your cause!  That word of mouth will go along way to convincing them to buy a ticket and share it themselves.

AND... if your most loyal supporters have also purchased tickets to the 50/50 draw (which they should be more likely to do!), then when their friend clicks the link they will see a larger pot that they can win. That will also be a driving force behind them deciding to buy a ticket.

So make sure you get your staff, loyal supporters and fans behind your draw by encouraging them to buy tickets and share your raffle page in an email. To discover the URL that is best to send them... click here.

Remember to set up competitive sales too as a way to get your staff and supporters excited about sharing!

Consider sending a few separate emails during your raffle as you launch it. Remind people to buy (“tickets are going fast!)”, advertise the increasing pot size (“You could win “X”) and let them know when ticket sales are almost up (“Don’t miss out!”).

One thing we've learned in doing this is that the campaign you wrap around your raffle is a big deal! Don't just think if you launch something online that it's going to fly automatically. That isn't the way it works!

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

When you place a URL in a post it will bring up an image and headlines that, depending on the channels you are using, can be edited to increase the chances of people wanting to click it and check it out!

Don’t forget that depending on how many people are active on your social media pages – you may have to post this link a number of times in order for people to view it. Don’t be shy… but don’t over do it either! And try to share an engaging message when you share the link that will encourage people to comment (you could ask them a question), share the post (ask them to share it to support your cause) or just an engaging message that will inspire them to click the post to check it out!

Make sure you aren’t just posting this type of promotional content all the time so you don’t bore your fans!


Your website will have a natural flow of traffic that visits daily. Make sure you let people know that the raffle is live and open for business on your site and attach the link right on the home page (and other pages) to capture their attention and encourage their support.

Can you add a banner image and embed the link in it to announce it and direct your web traffic? How about creating your own ad about the raffle on your site?

These are inexpensive and effective ways to tell people about your raffle that will help you gain more exposure and sell more tickets.

Now these are just the basics, but if you start with these approaches, you'll discover that your raffle will have a greater chance to succeed!

If you are interested in getting some help from us or more insight, we are here to help. We have experience in social media marketing and even social advertising if you are up for it. We’d be glad to talk further about that!

If so, reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call if it’s between 9am and 5pm (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.