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Online raffles are the NEW "old" way to fund-raise for organizations that are looking to fund a project or their mission!

If you don't know what a fundraising raffle is -- it's pretty simple! An organization holds a fundraising raffle by allocating a prize, then selling tickets to people who are interested in supporting the organization (and winning of course), where each ticket purchased has a chance to randomly be selected as the winner!

Organizations have been doing this for a long time to fund-raise using physical tickets, getting people to slag around ticket books that have to be kept track of, all the while trying to keep track of the money! But today there is a better way!

Conducting a raffle online means there are no more physical tickets to manage, volunteers to be rallied and relied on or limitations due to the size of an event. The raffle can then be shared to an email list, over social channels or by text message, with tickets purchased over a computer, tablet or phone! Every sale is tracked, sellers can compete against each other to supercharge sales and the draws are performed with the click of a button... so no big drum and special procedures necessary!

What does it all mean? Way less administration and way better exposure for the raffle and the cause of the organization who is hosting the raffle.

We're excited to be getting this tool into the hands of non-profits that should be spending their time putting the funds they've raised to work instead of working to raise more funds! 

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